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with Kirsten Rees

                                     Stronger Together: Mind, Body, Spirit

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

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Creating space for mind and spirit through simple lifestyle changes

"I came to see Kirsten after a nasty car crash which left me with whiplash. Kirsten worked with me at my own pace, while gently encouraging me to try new techniques. After six sessions with Kirsten not only had my strength improved but also my confidence, meaning that I was able not to only regain fitness but to improve my quality of living through lifestyle changes." Alex

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Healthy Eating (learning to nourish your body through proper nutrition)

"I've reached my goals in losing weight, my family and friends have noticed a change in my moods and I have more energy. I now know how to eat healthier, I want to eat healthier and regularly exercise outside of the training sessions." Joanna

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Exercise (small group training, personal training and pilates)

"This lady is amazing! Went to Kirsten last year for help with a slipped disc. After being off work for quite some time, a few sessions with this lovely lady made such a difference! I really didn't think anything would be able to help, however a year on, I'm back to work and my back is so much better! Thank you Kirsten Rees xx" Niki

"Training with Kirsten is an amazing experience. She has a holistic approach of people's well being. As a first time mother, it was amazing to be able to take care of myself and connect with my baby at the time. Kirsten is a great professional that puts her heart and soul into her classes! I highly recommend it! Ivia