All classes are five to seven women and are taught in an intimate garden studio allowing for individual focus and care in an encouraging and supportive environment.

I create the opportunity to build relationships with health and wholeness at it's centre.  It’s not only about exercise, it's about community.

Pilates is foundational to all movement, teaching us how our body’s were designed to work. Most of us have created unhealthy muscle patterns, developing various aches and pains. Pilates brings symmetry and balance back to the body by retraining the mind and body to work for you in correct muscle patterns.

Pilates creates long and lean muscle tone, correct alignment, improves posture, and creates a beautiful balance between strength and flexibility, building strength from the inside out. It is then that we can build a healthy physique once we have achieved a strong foundation. 

Lunch Time Pilates Class

 A general Pilates class for beginner and intermediate levels, focusing on symmetry and balance for the body. Small classes of 5-6 women allowing for a personal focus in a group setting. Creating community around exercise brings greater support and ultimately improved health. 

Mum and Baby Pilates Class. Bring your babies along to learn creative and fun ways to exercise with and around them. Great for regaining core strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility. As well as the emotional and mental support of other moms at similar stage as you.

Private one to one sessions. Allowing for an only YOU focus. Achieving greater gains and quicker results. 


Prenatal Pilates: With a growing little one inside it is essential to care for yourself. Pilates gives you the strength, endurance, breathing techniques and awareness of your body to give you a healthy/ fit pregnancy and prepare you for the birth and ability to recover well. As well as take time for you before your little one demands all your time!

Total Barre. ® A high-energy program focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. The predominantly standing workouts are driven by music which, when used appropriately, has been proven to increase coordination, motivation and improve movement quality. And a lot of fun.

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