Covid has been a strange and challenging time for all of us. It has allowed me to reflect on how I do family, work, and life. One thing that is certain and is more evident than ever, is how critical it is to take time for self care. To assess how we support our immune systems to fight off infections like Covid, through nourishing our bodies with exercise, proper nutrition, and mental space to cultivate a whole YOU. Below are a number of testimonies from clients who continued to train with me as we transitioned from in person classes to zoom classes. 

Why do you show up for zoom classes...?

'Because it helps to give structure to my week / starts the week off right... because since I’ve lost my daily cycle ride to & from work I need another way to move my body... because it’s an hour of me time away from my energetic toddler... because it strengthens my core to be able to lift said toddler! Ultimately it makes me feel good.' Alice

'I’m really enjoying zoom pilates because it only takes an hour (no travel time) and easy to fit around other things. I come because I can see my body shape has changed, and I think Kirsten is a phenomenal teacher. Classes have just the right amount of challenge and it feels really healthy for spine and muscles which I don’t always find with other exercise!' Jessie

'I do your class because it makes me feel strong (even when my arms / legs are wobbling!) and even sometimes graceful like my inner ballerina is emerging (until I look in the mirror). Your classes are fun and hard which is what I need. Also during lock down it has been a genuine place of support for me. 

I still massively miss doing classes with people. I’d love to be able to laugh loudly with everyone. But the zoom thing does make it massively accessible and much easier to attend.' Delilah

'I was recommended Pilates to help sort out lower back pain, and it's really helping with that. Although I miss 'real life' classes, zoom classes have meant that I've kept fit throughout lockdown (I'm also missing cycling for work/general getting around). There's no way I could do an 8am class under normal circs, but I can just roll out of bed and onto my mat.' Tamsin

'The fact that you offered your time and expertise for free when lockdown started was a pure show of genuine care for your community which I was blown away by. I love being able to attend a class from home as I was finding it hard to get to classes physically before lockdown. I find Pilates really good for my body, have been hurt doing other exercises and find you pay really close attention to injuries and offer alternatives. I never knew Pilates was so challenging too which is good for my mind as well as my body. I really enjoy it! I feel good for doing it.' Lindy

'You work us really hard and make it fun and varied so it’s never boring. I’m always curious to see what the class is going to offer week to week which definitely helps with motivation. I feel like I’m getting stronger, I love the community side of it and how holistic you are with the nutrition side of things too. It’s been my absolute saviour since my littlest girl was born giving me structure and me time and it has continued to be my saviour during lockdown!' Rosie

'I really enjoy the balance of strength building, stretching out and relaxation you manage to fit into your classes!  I like that you give options allowing an individual to pitch it to their level.  In this way your classes feel very inclusive and I would imagine that anyone would be able to engage whatever level of fitness or ability and get a lot from the class - and that is credit to your excellent teaching that you are achieve that!  Thank you Kirsten - your classes were such a tonic for my mind, body and soul during the early days of lockdown - sadly recently work commitments have increased so I've not managed to make as many as I would like but I've so enjoyed my introduction to pilates so thank you.' Kate 

'I love the mix of HIIT, stretching, core work, balance etc in your classes, Kirsten. And that each class is different whilst still being built on the same basics. I find the classes so energising and at the same time, having to concentrate so hard on the moves to get them right (ish!!) with the breathing and small details, it’s kinda meditative and v relaxing.

Kirsten, you’re a great teacher. You pay attention to the details and talk us through the moves so well. And you’re funny and real!! Love your spirit and the way you share.

Finally, it’s so good to be able to do these classes via zoom. As someone who doesn’t live in Bristol I wouldn’t have this opportunity without zoom! Although it’s not the same as doing community “locally” I do feel I’m getting to know faces and personalities which is lovely! Has definitely helped me during lockdown. Thank you' Nicci

'You are a very inspiring teacher and very professional. I love your classes and it has been brilliant in this lock down. Thank you so much Kirsten and can't wait to feel better with the sciatic problem and do more and more.' Catalina

'As someone who enjoys running, Pilates has been the perfect balance for my body. The classes moving online has meant I am able to do it twice a week instead of once which makes a big difference. I really like how you approach your sessions in a holistic way and I would recommend your classes to everyone.' Kelly

'You are highly skilled and professional at the same time as being down to earth, warm and caring. I always feel so much better after your classes and feel my body strengthening. When I did the pregnancy class, I didn’t have the same kind of pelvic pains I’d had in previous pregnancies and I’m sure that your class is the reason for that. Thank you. ' Claire